Enforcement in Waikiki only occurs when it is to protect the cities pet project

Mr Mayor,
You have successfully removed lime scooters from the sidewalks of Waikiki and elsewhere in the city.
Now,please do Waikiki right by acting in the same manner with the hundreds yes perhaps 500 illegally parked mopeds in Waikiki on the sidewalks.
Mopeds are the same as the Lime scooter and this issue has been a major topic of conversation at Waikiki neighborhood board meetings for many years.
It seems to be a equitable act and if you can muster your forces to remove lime scooters you can do the same with mopeds .
I know they are larger but to Waikiki residents it seems that ‘fair is fair”in this and we deserve the same protections against the hundreds of mopeds parked illegally in Waikiki.

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