State of Hawaii DLNR and BLNR derelict in their duties

Ala Wai Harbor is a cash cow with an annual net income of over $1,000,000, supporting the rest of the state harbors and enforcement budget. At one time, we were a thriving boating community with support facilities that all boaters require, a maintenance and repair haul out, fuel dock, ice and package store.

A few years ago idiots at DLNR (Ed Underwood and others) entered into an agreement with a Japan company to develop wedding chapels at our harbor demolishing our haul out and closing our fuel dock. Honey Bee went belly up and now we receive no income from those vacant properties. In addition this reduced boating support led to boating and membership decline at Hawaii Yacht club, now on the verge of bankruptcy. Waikiki Yacht club was forced to allow wedding services at their club to survive.

Today, as a direct result of continued and ongoing fiscal and property mismangement, over 70 boat slips have been vacant on the Ala Wai harbor 800 pier further drastically reducing our net income this fiscal year.

Over the last 20 years I have had the misfortune of attending hearings at the legislature and land board where DLNR employees have, in their official capacity as public servants lied and misrepresented material facts about the fiscal and management situation at Ala Wai. That is again the case at this time. One common denominator remains constant, Ed Underwood has been the spear point of the lies and gross mismanagement.

Until such time as DLNR replaces our boating support facilities and leases at least 95% of all slips at Ala Wai, I ask you do reject DLNR request for unnecessary and unfair rate increases at Ala Wai harbor.

In addition, I request you investigate Ed Underwood for conflict, unreported gifts, fraud and lying to the legislature, eventually terminating his employment for cause.

Sam Monet

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