Queens hospital patient relations service a waste of my time

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Queens hospital patient relations response to my complaint of receiving no anaesthesia for a recent spinal epidural.
I’ve had 3 earlier at that hospital and each time I received a IV that put me under for the very painful procedure
When I walked in and checked in my copay was 400 dollars plus on my last bill it was suddenly 200 dollars
The anaesthesia i agreed to on check in disappeared.
When I was treated like a lab rat by Dr Loh ( read his list of one star reviews on online websites and never use him)
He says he has documentation to prove I and get this agreed to no IV sedation
I was screaming and swearing Dr asswipe asked me later why did you not ask me to stop
I said heavy had a needle in my spine so fast and so I was scared to death.
Thais your job not mine I replied
You could have cared less
I had my right hand extended out awaiting IV insertion all the way and up to the moment the torture began
Dr loh a modern version of torquemada.
U know the guy who tortured people during the Spanish inquisition.
And again today I asked patient relations for the claimed documentation copy to see where I signed
I signed nothing
He seems like a procedure mill doctor always hurried
I’m turning him in to the AMA and the ADA
Dont bother ever going to queens patent relations they try to bullshit you as they most likely will never ever side against a doctor
I was laying face down
My rear end exposed to everyone and another dr came in to observe I guess how much pain (lidocaine you can buy at Wal-Mart) could endure
I did say hey that’s 5 dollars each for extra staff to see dave moskowitzs hairy butt.
And I was terrified because A guy with large needle being inserted into my spine at lightning speed with no time for each lidocaine pre injection to have any effect
I was terrified and in shock
Someone decided not to bother to take the extra time it takes to sedate me

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