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Hawaii Bankrupt?

“Hawaii comes in second, with a debt-to-income ratio of 2.1. On average, Hawaiians make slightly more than [people in the top state on this list]. The median income in Hawaii is $31,905, as compared to $28,068 in [that state]. Residents of Hawaii also have slightly more debt per capita … : $67,010, [compared] to $65,740. Hawaiians have the second-highest proportion of debt tied up in mortgage. In total, $51,770 out of the total $67,010 in per capita debt that Hawaiians hold is owed on mortgages. That means 77 percent of per- capita debt is mortgage debt.”

Is the state of hawaii short on cash?
Has the state or is the state using the federally funded economic unemployment stimulus cash for other needs and paying other bills besides us the citizens it was legally intended for?
The over 1 BILLION dollars was given to the state on March 29 ,2020.
The payouts were intended to be paid to verified and established unemployment beneficiaries that day.
The state says it will begin paying soon from and for April 4th 2020 on.
Will the state pay out a extra week or are they planning to steal what may amount to over 1 million dollars?
My take is that they are short of cash and slow walking paying us to pay Bill’s and accrue HUGE amounts of interest while that money sits in some bank somewhere.

Lawmakers accuse governor’s chief of staff of censoring key budget information

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